Blue Flower

Fairy Tales by The Countess d'Aulnoy with illustrations by Gordon Browne and color plates after John Gilbert's designs

These fairy tales were translated by J. R. Planche and published by George Routledge and Sone, Limited, Broadway, Ludgate Hill in 1893.

The title page mentions sixty illustrations by Gordon Browne and twelve coloured plates but these are not credited. However the very same plates can be recognized in 1858 edition by the same publisher (then with slightly different name and ocation), where the illustrator was John Gilbert. His initials can be seen on a few of the plates which were apparently later colored by unknown artist and inserted into an edition with Browne's drawings.

We'll present only colored plates for now and add black and white drawings by Gordon Browne later. The titles will be associated with the pictures. If a specific title doesn't have one, this means, there is no color plate for this particular fairy tale. Additional drawings by Mr. Browne, as said, will follow.

Gracieuse and Percinet

This is a story about a king and queen who had a beautiful daughter - Gracieuse. but the queen died and the king remarried, this time with a rich duchess. She was very ugly and evil as well. She tried to get rid of her step daughter several times, helping herself with a wicked fairy and some additional magic, until a handsome page named Percinet who also had some magic powers rescued her and they married.

The Fair With Golden Hair

The Blue Bird

Prince Sprite

Princess Printaniere

Princess Rosette

The Golden Branch

The Bee and the Orange Tree

The Good Little Mouse

The Ram

Finette Cendron



The Yellow Dwarf

Green Serpent

The Princess Carpillon

The Beneficient Frog

The Hind In The Wood

The White Cat

Belle Belle; or, The Chevalier Fortune

The Pigeon and the Dove

Princess Belle-Etoile and Prince Cheri

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