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Snow White with pictures by Gertrud Caspari


Snow White is one of the best know fairy tales today. Brothers Grimm included it in their first collection and it stayed in from then on. It shares some if not all important elements with other popular fairy tales, like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Goose Girl or The Sleeping Beauty:


A lady in distress.

An evil step-mother.

Presence of a helper.

An object with magical powers.

A prince who comes to the rescue.

Cruel punishment of the opponent.


Here is a short summary with beautiful color illustrations signed by Gertrud Caspari (1873-1948):

snow white's mother

Once upon a time there was a queen who wished for a child.

evil queen at magic mirror

One day the mirror told her she is not the the most beautiful anymore. Snow White became prettier.

snow white at seven dwarfs

Snow White got a new home at the seven dwarfs.

snow white visited by evil queen

Evil queen disguised herself and visited Snow White.

evil queen combs snow white

Evil queen tricked Snow White again. This time with a poisoned comb. Snow White felt down again but dwarfs managed to rescued her for the second time.

dwarfs found snow white dead

When Snow White ate poisoned apple, she felt down for the third time. Dwarf couldn't find a way to help her.

snow white lies in a glass coffin


She was too pretty to be buried. So the put her in a glass coffin. Not much later a handsome prince came by and immediately fell in love with a seemingly dead Snow White. He convinced dwarf to let him take the coffin to his castle but on the way the piece of apple - the reason for her death - dropped out of her throat. She was alive again and the wedding with the prince followed. The evil queen was invited to the party where she got hot iron shoes. She danced in them until she died!